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Since Don's exhibition and publishing of his book "Hold Very Tight Please" there has been a lot of discussion in the Otago Daily Times about the possibility of restoring a working Cable Car or other type of tram in  Dunedin City. This webpage is here to seek your assistance in promoting the High St line and lobbying the Dunedin City Council to bring this into effect.  
You can join the cause by email us to have your name added to the growing list of supporters. Your email will not be displayed, but we would like to display your name and address to a list of supporters below. With your email, we can keep you current with developments as they occur.  
How can you assist with the cause?  
Needed are pens more able than our own to come up with convincing arguments to sway the DCC into thinking our way. These will be converted into Word Documents that you can print and post to the DCC expressing your support. Or simply write a letter to the Otago Daily Times expressing your support for the idea of restoring a cable car line to Dunedin’s hill suburbs.  
Needed is a list of contact addresses and emails of people who are influential in decision making, and of business men, organisations, and groups who might be persuaded to support the idea financially; for example the Casino in High St, and tourist hotels in the area.  
Barry Kelk, John Wekking, Paula Westoby, Don Myers, Phil Cole, Tony Chance, Elizabeth Kerr, Sue Russell, Neville Jemmett, Bill Campbell (the last seven are members of the Steering Committee), roughly eighty people who gave their names at a Dunedin meeting in November 2007, Richard Fraser, Shem Sutherland, the Borrie family, Bruce and Gillian Green, Richard Walls, and many more.


A number of possible Heritage Tourist Tram routes have been suggested.

From the Exchange up High Street to a restaurant - lookout at Unity Park. A Cable Car Route.

From the Exchange then up Rattrary Street to a lookout near the Beverley Begg Observatory. A Cable Car Route.

A Shopping and Tourist Electric Tram Route leaving from the cable car terminus in the Exchange and travelling along Princes St at least as far as the Octagon, down lower Stuart St to the Railway Station, along lower High St past the Chinese Garden and Settlers’ Museum, Queen’s Gardens, and back to the Exchange, to the Casino and tourist hotels. This line could also be serviced under special arrangements by restored electric trams originally from Dunedin which are also being restored by Christchurch’s Tramway Historical Society.

Alternatively, a more extensive route would extend along George St to Princes St, and turn down Frederick St, returning to Lower High St and the Exchange via Castle St. This would better service the present shopping centre in George St.

Check Don's paintings, some of which are still available for sale. 
All proceeds contribute to the restoration of Dunedin Cable Cars. 
Please contact
Don McAra, 17 Dyers Pass Road, Cashmere, Christchurch, New Zealand or the de  Novo Gallery, Stuart St Dunedin.